Governments, and their departments and agencies, face the ongoing challenge of doing more with less.

Michael Hiller

Michael Hiller

National Partner in Charge, Government

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Meg Downie

Meg Downie

Director, Government

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The complexity and magnitude of government responsibilities are increasing. Resources are limited, but the demand for additional services continues to grow.


Public scrutiny and the demand for performance and accountability are intensifying. In response to society’s changing needs, governments are reforming their policies and changing the way services are delivered.


Consequently, governments are also considering different approaches to financial, contract and risk management.


How we can help

KPMG works with all levels of government to help them respond to policy and service delivery challenges.


We have dedicated teams who focus on the different levels of government as well as key sectors and issues. These areas of focus are:

We draw on a long track record of helping government departments and agencies with strategic planning, policy development, governance arrangements, management of complex issues and large scale implementation.


We have been key advisers on restructuring the gas, electricity and transport industries. We have helped governments introduce major financial management reforms and we have assisted in large-scale reforms in the health and aged care sectors.


Our people understand the environment, culture, policies and procedures of government.


Our services include:

  • policy review and evaluation
  • assurance and risk management
  • financial and budget management
  • economic analysis
  • advice on infrastructure reform and financing
  • strategic planning and governance advice.

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