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Helping the Australian Government enhance its policy reform, governance and financial performance.

Cath Ingram

Cath Ingram

Partner, Federal Government

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Malcolm Purcell

Malcolm Purcell

Federal Government Relationship Manager

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The Australian Government faces the ongoing challenge of delivering increasingly complex policy reform against a background of increasing expectations of the public and business, demographic change including an ageing population, technological change, globalisation and increasing fiscal pressures.


KPMG possesses a specialist public sector capability. We aspire to be the professional firm of choice for the Australian Government by delivering services that address the most complex challenges. 

How we can help

KPMG has deep experience working with the Australian Government and we support our government clients with a complete range of advisory capabilities. These include:

  • public policy advice (including concept, problem and policy analysis and design)
  • business advice including strategy and business case production (to meet the requirement of the Department of Finance and Deregulation) and taxation advice
  • economic modelling and analysis
  • financial management, costing, budgeting and financial statement reporting services
  • program management, implementation and evaluation (including data collection and analysis, workshop facilitation and stakeholder engagement).
  • governance, risk management advice and assurance services (including internal, performance audit and probity)
  • project lifecycle support including Project Management Office establishment, Project advisory, procurement and commercial advice
  • IT advisory services involving strategy and governance, security, controls and project monitoring and assurance
  • business process analysis, organisational design and change management.


Why select us
KPMG is a proven adviser to the Australian Government.  In Canberra, we have more than 200 professionals, supported by KPMG’s extensive national and global resources.


We are outcome focused and work collaboratively with our clients to develop and execute strategies that demonstrate quality, deliver sustainable outcomes and will withstand public scrutiny.


Independence and objectivity characterise our advice. 

Making room for the higher efficiency dividend

Making room for the higher efficiency dividend
This factsheet explains how we can assist departmental and agency decision makers to identify opportunities for cost reductions and efficiency gains.