• Service: Tax
  • Level: Executive
  • Joined: 2005
  • Location: Netherlands


Tell us about learning "on the job"
Within KPMG I have different mentors, not really one appointed mentor, but I just learn from all of my colleagues; and of course some colleagues really take you on with the job, they take you everywhere, to clients. They show you how they manage projects and how you should do it — and you can really look over their shoulder and you learn a lot from that.

What training have you been given at KPMG?
We get different types of training when you arrive with KPMG and — when you are a true starter — you have a package of courses that you have to take and that involves a course in English, a course in writing, a course in speed reading and also courses in how to act with clients.

What have you learned from clients?
What I have also learned with clients is that you have many different clients with different wishes, and there is not just one client that you have to act with in a certain way. So you have to gain a bit of feeling for the client, what they want, what they expect from you.

What would you say to someone just starting at KPMG?
To someone who is just starting out at a job, I would say: really take an interest in what you're doing. Take a look at the opportunities that are offered to you and make use of those opportunities because you can really do a lot within KPMG and there are many opportunities, but you have to take them. You have to say "yes" and you have to do something for it. When you do that, the sky's the limit.

I work in a team of seven local Tax specialists in KPMG's Dutch firm, advising clients on the payment of their property taxes. I am also an environmental Tax specialist, advising large power companies. My weeks are never the same. Some days I stay in the office in Amsterdam, lodging notices of objection against tax assessments, conducting research or writing letters of advice. Other days I meet council officials, visit our firm's clients around the country, or inspect their real estate on location.

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