• Service: Tax
  • Level: Manager
  • Joined: 2007
  • Location: Australia
Chris' profile

Chris studied a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce at University of Western Australia before starting at KPMG as a graduate in our Perth office in August 2007. Chris moved to Sydney in November 2008.

Why did you choose to apply to your business group?

The tax division offered me the opportunity to apply both my accounting and legal background. I was excited by the opportunity to be involved in advising high-profile clients at KPMG


How would you describe the work you do to someone outside the firm?

After beginning my KPMG career working in the Corporate Tax group in KPMG's Perth office, I now work in the Transfer Pricing group in Sydney. Transfer Pricing is a growing, specialist area of tax that focuses on the valuation of goods and services provided between related parties.


What is your average week like?

There is no such thing as an average week at KPMG. Some weeks involve tight client deadlines which require strict focus and perseverance, while other weeks are more laid back. The most important thing for me is that every week involves the opportunity to be creative and think laterally in trying to obtain the best outcomes for our clients.


Why do you think KPMG is a good place to be a graduate?

KPMG is a great place to be a graduate because of the support and training that you receive and because of the culture. KPMG actively supports post graduate study programs, including the CA, and provides staff with excellent exposure to challenging client engagements. Also, because there are so many young, energetic people working at KPMG it is never hard to find a social occasion to network with your colleagues.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are simple. I just try to enjoy each day and I know things will take care of themselves. I would like to go on an international assignment, maybe to North America, and I plan to stay with the Tax practice for the foreseeable future.


What sort of training have you done?

I recently commenced my studies as part of the CA Program which has so far been a big challenge. Internally co-ordinated training that I have been involved in has included writing skills, presentation skills and tax technical training.


What has been the most interesting thing you have been involved in during your time at KPMG?

Earlier this year I was involved in a proposal to win a major piece of work for the firm. This was a very strategic piece of work involving a major Korean company. After being involved in the proposal I have been able to take a major role in the completion the work which has been very exciting.


What five words would sum up your first year at KPMG?

Challenging, educational, empowering, fun, social.

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