Telecommunications case study 

KPMG member firms have worked on a number of big projects with one of the world's leading telecommunications companies including, in 2006, the acquisition of a majority shareholding in a national telecommunications company.

The brief

Undertaking a Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)
In accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), our client wanted to allocate the purchase price of this transaction to the assets and liabilities of the company they acquired. They therefore engaged us to help them:

  • identify the intangible assets of the company
  • estimate the fair value of these intangible assets as well as the tangible assets such as property, plant and equipment
  • estimate the useful lives of both tangible and intangible assets.

We started our work in the beginning of June and delivered our initial findings by mid-July. By the end of August we had issued our final report, signing off all our conclusions with our client's management team. During September we dealt with queries about our findings from their auditors.

The solution


Fielding the right talent for the task
To meet expectations regarding both quality and timescales, we put together two teams to work on this project. One team, made up from experienced professionals from the Chicago office of KPMG in the U.S., worked on the property, plant and equipment valuation. A second team, made up from knowledgeable professionals from the KPMG Madrid office in Spain, worked on valuations of the intangible assets.

The Spanish team consisted of six professionals from different levels — a director, a partner, a manager, two associates and a research assistant. Sergio from Advisory worked as engagement manager on the project.

"This project has been a fantastic opportunity for me," comments Sergio. "It has given me the opportunity to work for an experienced, multidisciplinary specialist, to make new contacts, to travel around the world and to discover new ways of working."

"My role was wide-ranging from checking out potential conflicts of interest before submitting our proposal to making sure we complied with KPMG's rigorous quality control policies. I obtained and analysed the information we needed to make the necessary valuations (for example, audited and non-audited financial statements, financial projections, legal documentation etc) and carried out a preliminary analysis for the identification of the intangible assets."

"Other responsibilities included holding meetings with the client's management team and overseeing the work of the two associates in preparing the financial models used to value the intangible assets. I also wrote the final report giving our conclusions about the value of the intangible assets and their estimated useful life."

Other members of the team
Director level
Eduardo Pérez, a director in Advisory, was the person with overall responsibility for the performance of this project. He coordinated the work of both American and Spanish firms and maintained contact with the client's management team, updating them on our progress and explaining our findings. Together with the engagement partner on this project, Ana Martínez-Ramón, he also explained our conclusions to the auditors of the client.

Partner level
Ana Martínez-Ramón, a partner in Advisory, used her existing contacts (made during previous assignments) to help us win this project. She was responsible for the project on a day-to-day basis and was the person who signed our final report. One of her main roles was to explain our findings to the client and its auditors and also to debrief top management about what went well during the project and what could be improved in future.

Junior level
Javier Asensio, an associate in Corporate Finance, was in charge of developing the financial tools used to value the intangible assets. In effect these were a spreadsheet for each asset, creating future financial projections based on different assumptions of income, costs, useful life and such like. He was also responsible for documenting meetings and telephone conversations and collecting and filing all the information in accordance with our internal rules. He also collaborated in the report writing and carried out valuable research on the industry, market and country.

Under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the client had to account for their acquisition as soon as possible. So it was a bold decision on their part to engage a new adviser on such a large, complex and high profile transaction.

Their expectations were high but we met them on every score and were congratulated by one of their most senior managers for our firms' professional and quality service.

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