Frequently asked questions 

Frequently asked questions by students and graduates.

Q. What do you look for in a graduate?
Our standards are high but we’re interested in the person, not just an academic record. We’re looking for well rounded applicants – people who are team players, progressive thinkers and can communicate their ideas with passion. People who keep on learning, who want to be leaders in their profession and who want to make a difference. Visit What we look for page for more information.


Q. What opportunities are there for me at KPMG if I'm not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident?
KPMG in Australia accepts applications from international students for our Graduate Program in our Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney offices. For more information surrounding eligibility requirements please visit the International students section.


Q. What is the culture like at KPMG?
An organisation's culture can be difficult to define, however ask our people what makes KPMG different and most will tell you the same thing: it’s our open and friendly culture that they find both liberating and stimulating.


Of course it’s also a performance oriented culture. We’re committed to recognising the hard work and achievements of our people in many different ways. We understand that talented individuals look to their careers for personal development and fulfilment, not just financial reward.

We are committed to providing dynamic recruitment programs that enable us to attract and retain talented individuals.


Q. Why should I apply for a graduate role at KPMG?
At KPMG, we can help you to reach your full professional and personal potential in your chosen career path. You can expect to be recognised and rewarded for making progress towards this goal through a range of career benefits that emphasise choice and flexibility.


We’ll offer you an attractive salary, career development, a friendly and supportive working environment and many other benefits. You’ll be able to enjoy the challenge of stretching yourself intellectually, furthering your professional education and personal development, and taking advantage of opportunities for overseas travel and work experience.


We’ll help you to pursue appropriate postgraduate qualifications including financial assistance and study leave. You’ll be able to advance your professional standing through a planned program of work experience and in-house learning and development opportunities.
Q. Which program am I eligible for?
No matter what stage of your academic career, KPMG has a program to suit your needs.


  • Vacation Program – a work placement for university students in their penultimate year of study.
  • Foundations Program – a 1 or 2 day development program for university students in either the first year of a 3-year degree, second year of a 4-year degree, or third year of a 5-year degree.
  • Graduate Program – for students in their final year of university or recent university graduates.


Q. When is the opening/closing date for applications?
Refer to Application dates for further information.
Our selection process starts as soon as applications are submitted and will continue until the application close date passes or we have recruited for all positions, whichever comes first.


For this reason, you should apply as early as possible to ensure the best chances of success as some business units may fill positions before the applications close.


Q. How do I apply?
All applications must be received online via our online application form. Please view Our selection process for further information on what will happen after you submit an application.


Q. Do you have any tips for when I am submitting my application?
We receive a large number of applications each year, so it is important that you provide us with as much information about yourself as you can in your application. It is also important to always proof read, and be honest in your answers.


Q. What is your recruitment process like?
Our recruitment process is designed to promote two-way communication between you and KPMG.


You find out about us. We realise that you’re considering a variety of career options, so we give you several opportunities throughout our recruitment process to meet our people and discover the benefits of a career with us.


We find out about you. We make a dedicated effort to get to know you as an individual and learn what you can offer our firm.
For further information, see Our selection process.


Q. What sort of questions will I get asked in an interview?

Your interviewer will ask you questions about your life, your time at school and/or university, your extra-curricular activities and any work experience you’ve gained. Our interview questions are behavioural based and are related to the skills and behaviours we consider crucial for success at KPMG.


Q. What will my salary be as a graduate?
KPMG salaries are paid at competitive market rates. When you are offered a position you'll receive full details of your remuneration package. It is important to think about not just your salary but the total rewards you will receive when joining such as salary plus benefits, incentives or bonuses, development and growth opportunities, long term earning potential and career progression.
Q. When will I be required to start work?
Graduates generally commence with KPMG between January and July.


Q. What are your work hours like?
Full-time KPMG employees work 7.5 hours per day, plus one hour for lunch.


Q. When will I hear back from KPMG after submitting my application?
We aim to get back to you within a week, however during peak time in February-April it will take us a little longer than this due to the volume of applications. Please feel free to contact us at


Q. What training do you offer to your graduates?
KPMG has a structured training program that all graduates, independent of their business unit, will participate in as well as business specific training. All graduates are encouraged to participate in further KPMG learning and development programs to further develop their careers. For more information, please visit Learning & Development.


Q. Does KPMG support post graduate studies?
Yes. KPMG is committed to our people and providing an environment for life-long learning. We strongly encourage our people to undertake relevant professional post-graduate study. We provide a range of support including study leave, exam leave, financial assistance and in-house training. For further information, visit CA Program or Postgraduate studies.


Q. Do I need an accounting background to apply?
No. KPMG is open to all bright minds from all degree disciplines.


Q. Do I need to have work experience to apply?
There is no requirement for you to have had any relevant work experience if you are applying to any of our recruitment programs. However, we would ask that you include all prior work experience on your application form including casual or part time position held.


Q. I have already graduated – can I still apply?
Yes you are still eligible to apply for our Graduate Program. We recruit graduates with some work experience as well as people who are taking gap years or pursuing postgraduate courses. If you have substantial work experience, please visit Experienced professionals.


Q. Can I apply to more than one business unit?
Although you can only submit one application for each program, you will be able to submit a first and second preference for the business units in which you would like to work.


Q. Can I apply to more than one state?
Although you can only submit one application for each program, you will be able to submit a first and second preference for the location you would like to work.

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