KPMG recognises that the long-term success of our business, viability of our communities and biological systems on which we depend are threatened by a range of environmental issues – including climate change, water scarcity, depletion of natural resources and associated biodiversity loss.
Environment, sustainability

KPMG International is a global signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and KPMG in Australia is a founding member of the UNGC Australian network. Consistent with the environmental principles in the UNGC, KPMG in Australia is committed to:

  • supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
  • undertaking initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • encouraging the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our firm recognises that our environmental responsibility encompasses: understanding and managing the impacts of our operations; actively contributing to the communities in which we operate; and assisting our clients to understand and respond to a range of environmental risks and opportunities impacting their organisations.


For example, KPMG is supporting research into climate change adaptation on the Great Barrier Reef through our partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. This includes providing resources and expertise to build capacity and support specific projects, raising awareness of issues impacting the reef and contributing financial support to underpin scientific research.


KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship team is responsible for co-ordinating and providing leadership of the firm’s operational and community-related environmental response, in collaboration with stakeholders and practice areas, including:

  • our Citizenship Advisory Board  – comprised of senior partners from across our firm, performing an important governance and advisory role
  • an Environmental Working Group, sponsored by the Chief Operating Officer and chaired by our Corporate Citizenship team, this group is comprised of senior managers from across our business
  • Step Lightly Committees, voluntary staff committees established in each KPMG office focused across a range of activities to promote employee engagement and various environmentally-related initiatives.


KPMG has a national (lifecycle analysis-based) Emission Monitoring Plan and has implemented a range of initiatives to deliver environmental improvements (e.g. operation of video conferencing as an alternative to flights, building-related energy efficiency and waste management activities).

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