Volunteering winners 

This award recognises outstanding and sustained volunteering contribution to the community or environment, and grants individuals $2,000 to be donated to the non-profit organisation of their choice.

Eleanor Brodie


Eleanor and others cooking in the kitchen for FareShare

Eleanor Brodie


$2,000 grant awarded to FareShare


Eleanor Brodie is a recipient of the 2013 National Chairman's Citizenship Awards in the Volunteering category for her work with FareShare.

FareShare provides free, tasty, nutritious meals to Victoria’s hungry using donated food not needed by supermarkets, farmers and markets. Eleanor took on the role of publicising the work of FareShare, arranging afternoons for Partners and staff to volunteer in the FareShare kitchen preparing meals for Melbourne’s hungry and homeless.

Eleanor has learnt that you can always do more. "FareShare came out of humble origins, cooking pies in the RACV Club’s kitchens one Saturday a month. They now aim to prepare 20,000 nutritious meals each week for the homeless, the needy and families struggling to make ends meet."


Eva Yang


Eva helping refugees settle into Australia

Eva Yang


$2,000 grant awarded to PASOL

Eva Yang is a recipient of the 2013 National Chairman's Citizenship Awards in the Volunteering category for her work with PASOL, whose volunteers spend every Saturday with Sudanese refugee children aged 8-16, in order to help them settle into Australia and catch up on school work.

From her volunteering experience, Eva has learnt to respect diversity, but more importantly, she has been able to show the children a different approach to life, enabling them to see more for their futures. She said "They are in this awesome country where as long as they apply themselves, their future is in their own hands, and it’ll be as good as they can make it."

The National Chairman’s Citizenship Award donation will be put towards purchasing a second hand van that will be used to transport the children from their homes to the classrooms. This will mean children don’t have to miss out if their parents are unable to get them to the classrooms.





National Chairman's Citizenship Awards

National Chairman's Citizenship Awards
The National Chairman's Awards recognise and celebrate excellence and leadership in the citizenship endeavours of our KPMG people.

National Chairman's Citizenship Award winner

This award recognises exceptional community involvement and grants an individual $5,000 to be donated to the non-profit of their choice.

Fundraising winners

This award recognises excellence in fundraising and grants individuals or KPMG groups $1,000 to donate to the non-profit organisation of their choice.