National Chairman's Citizenship Award winner 

This award recognises exception community involvement, and grants an individual $5,000 to be donated to the non-profit organisation of their choice.
National Chairman's Citizenship Award 2013 Winner: Claire Sime

Claire Sime


Lord Somers Camp & Powerhouse

Claire Sime
Advisory, Melbourne


$5,000 grant awarded to Lord Somers Camp & Powerhouse

Claire Sime is the 2013 National Chairman’s Citizenship Award winner for her exceptional work with the Lord Somers Camp & Powerhouse.

Claire has been involved with the Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse for 15 years. In January 2013 she took on the role of Executive Officer at Lady Somers Camp – a program for 100 girls aged between 16-18 that builds strong relationships, supports people in vulnerable or at risk communities, and teaches important lessons in how to be more effective citizens. It is life changing for both participants and volunteers.

The CEO of the organisation, Mark Thompson, said of Claire, "Claire Sime has been an incredible contributor to Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse since becoming a member in 1999. As a longstanding board member, she has set the strategic direction for the organisation and has played a vital role in overseeing our corporate governance framework."

Claire says she has learnt so much through working with Lord Somers Camp and Powerhouse. "The organisation focuses on diversity, leadership and participation. One of the key lessons I have learnt is about taking opportunities."

Claire will donate the National Chairman’s Citizenship Award donation towards running the Lord Somers programs. One of the key foundations of the organisation is that they bring together people from all parts of the community, and often their participants do not have the capacity to pay to attend the programs. As such, they subsidise their fees to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Claire feels honoured to be the 2013 National Chairman’s Citizenship Awardee. She says, "I am grateful that KPMG invests in our people to provide opportunities for us to pursue our interests and to support the community more broadly."


National Chairman's Citizenship Awards

National Chairman's Citizenship Awards
The National Chairman's Awards recognise and celebrate excellence and leadership in the citizenship endeavours of our KPMG people.

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This award recognises outstanding and sustained volunteering contributions, and grants individuals $2,000 to donate to the non-profit of their choice.

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