KPMG recognises the importance of education and our ability to enhance the lives of individuals.

Case study: ABCN

Case study: ABCN
ABCN works to improve opportunities for disadvantaged students and schools through mentoring, partnering and support programs.

Video case study: ABCN's GOALS program

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Carolyn of KPMG explains her experience with the GOALS program. ABCN's GOALS program works with students who are at risk of leaving school.

As one of Australia’s largest employers of graduates, KPMG understands that it is a major beneficiary of the community’s investment in education.


For their part, KPMG’s people enjoy the benefits of educational attainment. They recognise its transformative potential. They want others to enjoy similar opportunities.


To this end, KPMG supports educational initiatives through hands-on mentoring programs that take advantage of our people’s professional capabilities, commercial know-how and life experience.


These programs include national partnerships with the Australian Business & Community Network (ABCN) and Enactus.

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