• Industry: Financial Services, Insurance
  • Type: Benchmarking study
  • Date: 15/06/2012

The Valued Insurer Series

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Intelligent Insurer: Creating value from opportunities in a changing world 

From extended life expectancy to increasing urbanisation, from more extreme weather events to greater use of social media, from an increasingly interconnected world where trust in global institutions has been significantly eroded, change is all around us.

The Intelligent Insurer considers external forces that will impact their business model over the next 10 years, including shifts in demographics, the environment, new technology and changing social values and ethics.


Key insights

  • Growing populations and longer life expectancy create opportunities for insurers but pose challenges on the delivery of healthcare and retirement products.
  • Technology provides insurers with access to data, enhance flexibility and reduce cost but many are constrained by legacy systems.
  • A combination of natural disasters, urbanisation and growing wealth are changing the shape of risk for insurers.
  • More effective engagement is needed to overcome the erosion of trust as expectations of good governance are changing dramatically.

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