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  • Date: 20/02/2014

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Global mobility – alive and kicking 

by Spencer Reynolds, Global Mobility Specialist
Global mobility remains high on the radar of CEOs across the globe, despite rumours of its demise. The global financial crisis, political pressure on migration and technologists predicting an end to any kind of business travel, were seen as its death knell. The reality is it’s an exciting time to work in global mobility.

It’s growing for starters. Almost half (43 percent) of the 600+ organisations surveyed for the Global Assignment Policies and Practices survey only implemented a mobility program within the last 10 years. Significant further growth is predicted in the near term.


Global mobility teams are also now expected to think more strategically. Having the right talent management strategy is viewed as critical to an organisation's positioning for the economic recovery. Core to that strategy is mobility. In addition to entering new markets and transferring skills around the world, mobility is recognised as key to attracting/retaining talent and developing future leaders.


New locations are coming on line. With emerging markets also high on CEO’s radars, it’s probably not surprising to hear that discussions with our clients are focused on sending talent to and from the uncharted territories of Africa, Latin America and Asia.


As a result of this growth and evolution, the approach to mobility has changed. One size no longer fits all. Who are we sending, where are they going and why? These questions are being asked by Global Mobility teams and new policies and programs have emerged to keep pace with the evolution.


All this brings new challenges. New locations to understand and more complex programs to manage, to name two. It is these challenges that make working in mobility exciting and KPMG's Global Mobility Services is well placed to support our clients at this time through its network of global mobility professionals around the world.


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