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  • Date: 18/10/2012

Sustainable Insight

This series explores issues that are shaping the sustainability debate and may have a direct impact on business.

Sustainable Insight: Water Scarcity - Global reporting trends 

Water scarcity has risen to the top of many corporate agendas over the past few years. In the face of dire predictions about dwindling supplies, a growing number of businesses are taking measures to become better stewards of this vital resource.

In this edition of Sustainable Insight, we explore how the world’s major businesses are setting out their approaches to water scarcity via their key communication vehicles on corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability.


Key insights

  • The report finds the majority of the world’s largest companies (60 percent) do not yet demonstrate a long-term strategy to deal with water scarcity in their CR reporting.
  • Results vary by country. Of those that produce a CR report, 95 percent of Indian companies, 69 percent of Spanish companies and 66 percent of UK companies include specific plans to reduce water usage. This contrasts with just 24 percent of Chinese companies and 27 percent of Japan-based companies.
  • While three quarters of the world’s largest 250 companies address water issues in CR reports in some way, only a few report on the water footprint of any part of their supply chain, and none has reported on the water footprint of its entire supply chain.

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