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  • Date: 9/03/2012

The IPO Journey

The IPO Journey
A series of publications providing actionable advice, valuable tips and practical insights to help private companies prepare for an IPO.

Getting ready for the IPO journey 

While many new IPO (Initial Public Offering) candidates mistakenly believe that the path to an IPO starts with the creation of a prospectus and ends the day that the stock debuts on exchanges, nothing could be further from the truth.
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KPMG's second publication in The IPO Journey series, aims to assist organisations that have decided to undertake an IPO and are ready to take the next step of transforming their organisation to become IPO-ready.


We take a close look at the pre-IPO process and shine a spotlight on a number of key considerations for IPO candidates, such as doing a pre-IPO readiness assessment and developing a plan to ensure their organisation meets the standards expected by the capital markets.

Key insights

  • The journey of an IPO can be extremely taxing and time consuming. Companies need to have clear objectives and executives needs to be ready to make difficult decisions.
  • Executives need to develop a plan to coordinate all of the actions necessary for the pre-IPO strategy. A lack of plan could lead to hasty decisions that may generate significant risks.
  • The IPO process is more than a financial transaction – it will fundamentally transform the business and bring wide scale change to the organization’s people, process and technology.