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  • Industry: Energy & Natural Resources, Mining, Government, Federal Government, State & Territory Governments, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 30/03/2012

The Infrastructure Short Reports

A series of reports developed to feature KPMG's take on key infrastructure issues - locally and globally.

Social infrastructure planning to support resources growth 

Social infrastructure and service delivery is critical to developing sustainable resource communities and capitalising on resource activity.

From housing and medical care to education, emergency services, sports fields and recreation centres, social infrastructure is critical to ensuring the development of sustainable communities. These services are essential for attracting and retaining families in regional towns that are seeking to capitalise on the benefits generated from resource activity.


Local and state governments know this. Companies are willing to contribute. Yet the race to extract and sell resources is being run at record speed, with new projects being approved and workers pouring into regional areas at unprecedented rates. Policy vacuums are frequent, as are debates over whether governments at different levels should intervene or stand back to let the market operate.


This short report considers policy and planning gaps that are evident in the primary resource states at three different levels:

  • Lack of universally accepted, evidence-based information about what is actually happening in the regions undergoing significant change
  • An agreed platform for undertaking the necessary modelling
  • Complete oversight by a single state authority of a project's broader regional impact, from application through completion.


Economic and social infrastructure
KPMG helps clients understand the business, investment and public policy opportunities arising from increased investment in infrastructure.