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  • Date: 2/07/2013

The Infrastructure Short Reports

A series of reports developed to feature KPMG's take on key infrastructure issues - locally and globally.

Paradigm shifts in asset management 

The introduction of new International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards for asset management – ISO 5500x – has highlighted the evolving role of asset management in creating value for asset-intensive companies.
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This report focuses on the key aspects of  ISO 5500x and what it will mean for companies once it is implemented.


Key insights

  • Benchmarking: ISO 5500x will provide a global standard that will create international consensus on good asset management practice.
  • Integration: ISO 5500x will work together with international accounting standards and help engage the finance and accounting community with the asset management function.
  • Creating real value: ISO 5500x provides asset-intensive organisations with a robust template for generating more value out of their assets the bottom line.
  • Transparency: The new standard will facilitate transparent reporting around the performance of assets, which will help establish a clear audit trail.
  • Board level awareness: ISO 5500x clearly establishes the role of asset management in a company's overall strategy, which will help create awareness at board level.
  • Competitive advantage: ISO 5500x-compliant companies can use their accreditation as part of their marketing and pitches for new business.



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