Going beyond the data 

The Data & Analytics (D&A) landscape continues to evolve, with organisations increasingly investing time, resources and capital into improving their D&A capabilities. Where not long ago companies were struggling to turn their data into insights, organisations are increasingly looking to turn insights into value.

Our research explores how organisations can derive actionable insights and value from their data.
Going beyond the data: Turning insights into value
Going beyond the data: Actionable insights with data and analytics

Industry sector videos

In this series of videos, KPMG professionals with deep analytics experience in data rich sectors such as telecommunications, financial services, health, government and education, share their insights on how to turn complex data challenges into lasting business value.
Video: Indirect tax and big data
Video: Data and analytics in the Telecommunications sector
Video: Data and analytics in the Financial Services sector
Video: Data and analytics: Anthony Coops discusses creating real value

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Analytics, Information and Modelling

Our team help organisations take the mystery out of big data and demonstrate how to leverage data resources to produce better business outcomes.

Go beyond

Go beyond
Today’s organizations aren’t just looking for data precision, they also want data relevance.