• Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 20/09/2011

Global Manufacturing Outlook

Global Manufacturing Outlook
This series looks at how industrial manufacturers are adapting their business models and supply chain tactics to address the changing global economy.

Global Manufacturing Outlook 2011: Growth while managing volatility 

Despite continued volatility, manufacturers are cautiously realigning their businesses toward top-line growth while managing a multitude of challenges. KPMG's report provides a comprehensive overview of the global manufacturing sector. It includes observations and insights from a wide range of industry experts and leaders based on an industry-wide survey and executive interviews.

Key insights

  • Price volatility of raw materials and other inputs is the biggest headache for manufacturers
  • Although the push toward emerging markets continues, this does not imply the demise of manufacturing in the West
  • In the pursuit of growth, manufacturers are prioritising new products and planning to sell new wares in existing and new markets
  • Diversification into new markets and new products will converge with a push toward input and process standardisation
  • Investment in supply chain risk management will continue, with a particular focus on transparency.

Industrial Manufacturing

KPMG can help manufacturing enterprises respond to key issues such as innovation, lean manufacturing, time to market, quality and climate change.