• Industry: Building materials, Industrial Manufacturing, Food, Drink & Consumer Products
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 4/07/2014

Global Manufacturing Outlook

Global Manufacturing Outlook
This series looks at how industrial manufacturers are adapting their business models and supply chain tactics to address the changing global economy.

Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014: Australian Perspective 

Achieving growth is a key strategic priority for manufacturers around the world. This year’s Global Manufacturing Outlook identifies a wide variety of strategies manufacturers are adopting to achieve it.

Featuring the knowledge and experience of 460 executives worldwide the report offers practical and provocative insights to help organisations evaluate future strategies.


An Australian perspective

While Australian manufacturers nominate the same strategic priorities as their global counterparts, an analysis of the results for Australian participants highlighted key differences in the challenges faced and strategies being deployed.


In summary, Australian manufacturers are:

  • placing a heavy emphasis on achieving growth from the domestic market
  • more likely to be focused on enhancing existing products and services than breakthrough innovation and face different innovation challenges to their global counterparts
  • optimistic about achieving a globally integrated supply chain within the next 3 to 5 years, but continue to be challenged with aligning operations to real-time fluctuations in customer demand
  • have a moderate or low level of confidence in the reliability of information available to assess customer profitability, but are prioritising a wide range of analytics and data-driven investments to enhance decision-making.


Further information

To read the Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014, online articles and interactive content, visit KPMG's global website.



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