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  • Date: 19/05/2014

Federal Budget 2015

Federal Budget 2015
KPMG's review of the major implications arising from the 2015 Federal Budget.

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Federal Budget 2014: R&D Tax Incentive and Grant Funding 

The Australian Government has provided some form of R&D tax incentive since the mid-eighties. Whilst the mechanics and generosity of the R&D benefit have changed over that time, Government commitment to some form of R&D tax incentive has not.

The current R&D Tax Incentive was only introduced for the 2012 income year. At the time, there was bipartisan support for a more generous program and it is disappointing that so soon after its introduction, the Government has sought to reduce its support.

Key insights

  • R&D tax incentive cuts and reductions or consolidation of grant funding.
  • Examples highlighting the impact of these changes over the next 3 years.
  • Future changes to the R&D funding landscape.

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Video: David Linke on Federal Budget and Commission of Audit

Video: David Linke Pre-Budget insights, 2014 Federal Budget
National Corporate Tax Leader, David Linke, sets the scene for how the Commission of Audit may impact the 2014 Federal Budget.

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