Federal Budget series 

KPMG's series of articles, publications and videos about the Australian Federal Budget.
Federal Budget Brief 2015
Federal Budget video insights
Federal Budget 2015: Melbourne breakfast videos
Federal Budget 2015: Sydney breakfast videos
Federal Budget 2015: Tax Integrity Measures
Federal Budget 2015: GST Integrity Measures
Federal Budget 2015 and the Financial Services industry
Federal Budget 2015 and the Energy & Natural Resources industries
Federal Budget 2015: R&D Tax Incentive and Grant Funding
Federal Budget 2015: Perspectives in advance
澳大利亚2015年联邦财政预算 (Federal Budget Brief: Mandarin)
2015 オーストラリア連邦予算概要 (Federal Budget Brief: Japanese)
Leading to the 2015 Federal Budget

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Federal Budget contacts

If you would like to discuss implications of the Federal Budget, contact one of our KPMG professionals.

Federal Budget 2015

Federal Budget 2015
KPMG's review of the major implications arising from the 2015 Federal Budget.

Federal Budget video insights

Watch KPMG and business leaders share insights on the Budget's major implications for Australian business, industries and sectors.

Budget night videos


Melbourne event videos


Sydney event videos

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