• Industry: Energy & Natural Resources, Power & Utilities, Renewables, Water
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 27/01/2014

A leader in Power & Utilities 

Globally, the energy industry is facing unprecedented change and challenges. These include a global focus on the impact of climate change, extraordinary economic turbulence, energy access, energy security, significant anticipated growth in power demands, increasing cost pressures, regulatory challenges, emerging technologies, and the rise of alternative and renewable energies.
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KPMG can help energy companies to stay competitive in these challenging times.


In order to help us demonstrate KPMG’s global capabilities in the Power & Utlities industry, this publication summarises:


  • key challenges for the power and utilties industry
  • KPMG’s involvement and commitment to the  industry
  • how key executives of energy companies can benefit from KPMG’s Global Energy Institute
  • regional key facts, highlights and energy industry insights
  • KPMG’s Power & Utilities Centres
  • our service offerings in the energy industry.

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Global Energy Institute

Global Energy Institute

KPMG's Global Energy Institute helps identify and understand emerging trends, risks and opportunities in the energy sector.

Power & Utilities

KPMG can help energy organisations respond to the challenges facing the power and utilities sector, globally and domestically.