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  • Date: 26/06/2013

Evolving Financial Services Regulation

Evolving Financial Services Regulation
This series discusses the regulatory challenges facing the financial services industry and provides insight on implications and issues to consider.

Evolving Investment Management Regulation: Light at end of the tunnel? 

After 5 years of relentless and difficult regulatory change and intervention, the financial landscape is emerging fundamentally altered. Progress has been made in two key areas: creating a safer, more stable financial system, in line with the aims of the G20; and taking steps to ensure that investors everywhere are treated fairly.

But what will the investment management industry look like once this seemingly endless wave of change has passed? What other factors could affect the landscape – and give rise to future regulation? Perhaps most importantly, why is it vital for both regulators and the industry to get the regulatory regime right?


This report, part of KPMG’s Evolving Regulation series, brings together the key regulatory issues affecting asset managers and investors in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, highlighting implications for now and the future.


Key insights

  • Seemingly endless waves of regulation bring with them opportunities as well as challenges.
  • The global focus on market transparency and stability continues across the financial services landscape.
  • Regulation initially intended for the banking sector appears to be moving into investment management.
  • Distribution is becoming more innovative, in particular, the rise of transacting business over the internet.
  • Many regulators have taken note of the volume of global regulation affecting the financial services industry and the potential extra-territorial effects, working towards greater global harmonisation.

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Financial services regulatory change
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