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  • Industry: Media, Technology, Telecommunications
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 19/04/2012

Cloud survey series

A series of KPMG publications that address the challenges and opportunities facing users and providers of cloud.

Exploring the Cloud: Governments' adoption 

Government entities are starting to embrace the cloud, but what does it mean for the public sector?

Exploring the Cloud discusses the perceived benefits and challenges of cloud computing environments and highlights how governments around the world are beginning to adopt cloud.


The report is based on a survey of 430 public sector executives in 10 countries, as well as 808 private sector executives, on their cloud expectations and strategies.


Key insights

  • Governments are cautiously adopting cloud with 56 percent already testing or implementing cloud solutions. Only 1 in 10 are not considering it at all.
  • 47 percent consider security as their most significant challenge, however almost 80 percent admit that they would be more confident if cloud services were certified by a government body.


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