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  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 5/11/2012

Capital management articles

Capital management articles
A series of articles focusing on areas of capital management and better practice.

Capital management – now high on the corporate agenda 

We could not dream of a better case study than what we have experienced over the last decade to develop our understanding of good and bad capital management. We have seen the consequences of key capital management decisions and their impact on the economic outcomes for debt providers and shareholders.

In our first of a series of articles on capital management, we explore areas including:


  • What is the right gearing level and credit profile?
  • How acquisitions are funded – debt vs equity?
  • What is an appropriate dividend policy?
  • What is the maturity profile and composition of debt?


There is no capital management handbook. Such decisions require a strategic and structured approach whereby management and the board have agreed a policy and framework for capital management.


This article outlines key questions you need to be asking to assess where you are placed in relation to better practice capital management.