• Industry: Pharmaceuticals
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 1/04/2011

The Tablet

The Tablet
The Tablet is a series of short KPMG publications that aims to address topical issues in the pharmaceuticals industry.

The Tablet - April 2011 

Comparative effectiveness research (CER) can represent a strategic opportunity for companies to develop a patient-centric business model designed to increase their competitive advantage and position themselves for future growth.
The Tablet - April 2011 cover
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In this issue

  • Basic goals of CER - The basic goal of CER is to improve clinical decision-making and help patients get the most effective care they need.
  • Recent controversies - Despite a general consensus that CER can help improve clinical decision making, CER has become a subject of strong debate.
  • Issues for pharmaceutical companies - Several issues can be noted that may have a significant impact on pharmaceutical companies, such as limitations on innovation, increased costs and greater involvement of payers.
  • Conclusion - Pharmaceutical companies can use CER as a powerful tool in developing strategies to address their business goals.