Private Companies Survey 2011 

Despite a historically favourable trade balance resulting from continuing strong demand for our energy and mineral resources, business confidence in Australia appears to be evaporating.

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National issues
The Private Companies Survey 2011 highlights five key discussion areas.


The rebound in business confidence in Australia, from the worst of the financial crisis and associated economic downturn appears to be waning in 2011.


Attracting and retaining appropriately qualified and motivated staff remains a top-of-mind issue for private businesses.


Government action – or inaction – has a big impact on business viability. Discontent over Australia’s political landscape was an underlying theme.


Conventional wisdom holds that during the downturn, Australian banks pulled down the shutters when it came to lending to private companies.


Most businesses are struggling to come to terms with the digital economy. Many respondents appear uncertain and confused about their online presence.

Private Companies

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Video: Private Companies Survey 2011

Video: Private Companies Survey 2011
KPMG's National Managing Partner of Private Enterprise, Peter Siebels, gives an overview of the findings from the Private Companies Survey 2011.

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