South Australia 

South Australian business people appear to be optimists. While 62 percent of SA respondents report not meeting their revenue targets over the past 12 months, 35.7 of them feel the Australian economy has reached the bottom of the economic cycle while a quarter think it is already in its recovery phase. A year ago, 60 percent of SA respondents thought the economy was in decline or scraping along the bottom.

State of South Australia 

When it comes to their own businesses, only a negligible 3.6 percent of SA businesses are predicting negative growth over the current 12 months — 39.3 percent expect growth of up five percent over the same period and 32.1 percent are looking forward to a six to 10 percent uptick.


Compared with their interstate colleagues, the South Australians are more concerned about consumer and business confidence and competitor activity and feel particularly vulnerable to the overall economic environment. They are also notably agitated about reform of state taxes and charges.




Nearly three quarters of SA businesses claim they have not been experiencing skills shortages. Forty-one percent expect to increase their headcount during the current year. More than 90 percent expect their wage increases over the next 12 months will not exceed four percent, which is the most modest wage outcome expectation of any state or territory.


Interestingly, 38 percent of SA respondents are claiming R&D tax allowances and 32 percent are aware of, and are accessing, other government funding for business.


Figure 1: Perceived position of Australian economy in economic cycle


Figure 1



Figure 3: Employee headcount over the past 12 months

Figure 3


Figure 2: Fulfilment of revenue targets for the latest 12 month period


Figure 2



Figure 4: Employee headcount intentions for the next 12 months


Figure 4


Video: Private Companies Survey 2012

Video: Private Companies Survey 2012
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