• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Case study, Survey report
  • Date: 19/11/2012

Value walks: Successful habits to improve workforce motivation and productivity 

How do we solve the dilemma of increasing demand for health services while our resources are dwindling? Can quality be enhanced in the process? Can we make healthcare workers more productive while making the work more attractive?

To answer some of these questions, KPMG examined a range of inspiring examples from around the world to demonstrate that with concerted effort and transformative change there is a solution.


Key insights

  • People create value for patients: For decades, much of the health policy being debated across the world has focused on laudable but technocratic changes aimed at influencing the way healthcare is delivered.
  • The workforce challenge: Healthcare systems of the developed world are coming under serious long-term pressure. Populations are ageing and demand for health services is ballooning.
  • Building the bridge: Can we afford it? A 22 to 29 percent shortage of healthcare workers in developed countries may signal that healthcare systems are set to suffer a massive shortfall of qualified professionals.
  • Enhancing productivity of healthcare providers: While 'solving' the healthcare workforce problem by raising overall costs to unacceptable levels is not a viable solution, pushing hard on productivity also carries clear dangers.
  • Conclusion: All evidence points to the fact, in the coming years, demographic changes and increased healthcare usage per capita will continue to increase demand for healthcare services.


Further information

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