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  • Industry: Food, Drink & Consumer Products
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  • Date: 21/02/2012

Turning global risk into opportunity: Priorities for consumer company CFOs 

The role of the chief financial officer has never been more critical in the consumer sector. As companies navigate turbulent environments in which prospects for developed and emerging markets continue to diverge, they must make difficult, far-reaching decisions against a backdrop of considerable uncertainty and volatility. By applying the discipline and analytical rigour of financial management to these decisions, finance leaders will be critical to ensuring that their company is on a path to sustainable long-term success.
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This report examines the findings of a survey of 350 senior finance executives from consumer markets companies around the world, highlighting the strategies finance leaders are using to help their businesses navigate turbulent environments and achieve growth. 


Key findings

  • Successful companies will continue to invest despite a worsening outlook and declining revenues.
  • Developed markets remain a core focus and an important source of future business expansion while emerging markets represent the biggest growth opportunities.
  • Mobile is the leading technology being used to maximise sales.
  • Risk conversations are becoming more frequent, but an enterprise-wide view of risk is not yet a reality.
  • Sustainability has moved from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a core business issue.

Food, Drink & Consumer Products

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Managing risk and complexity

Managing risk and complexity
Managing risk and complexity is a challenge to most boards and business executives.
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