• Service: Advisory, Management Consulting, Technology Advisory, Shared Services & Outsourcing
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 1/05/2012

Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory 

As private and public sector organisations increasingly need to do more with less, contain their costs and seek to preserve and improve their competitive position, simply rearranging the deck chairs is no longer enough. The times demand more radical and sustainable solutions. Nothing is off the table.
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It is why organisations are pursuing new approaches to shared services and outsourcing.


Adopting a shared services and/or outsourced model is actually one of the biggest, most difficult decisions an organisation is likely to make. Getting it right is vital. That is exactly what KPMG helps its clients to do.


Key insights

  • Make informed decisions about the development of shared services functions, business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing, off-shoring, near shoring and insourcing.
  • Our clients extract real value from successful shared service and outsourcing arrangements.
  • Business models incorporating shared services and/or outsourcing have helped many organisations reduce costs and improve their productivity.