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  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 30/05/2013

Expectations of Risk Management Outpacing Capabilities: It's Time for Action 

Risk management is at the top of the global executive agenda as companies face an array of threats that grow more complex by the day. The risks are vast and ever-present, and those companies that fail to manage them can well imperil their future.

These challenges are growing faster than most organisations' ability to respond: today's complex environment requires an even stronger capability to master and optimise risk management.


Key insights

  • Risk management is widely seen as a high priority among companies surveyed, but only 66 percent built it into strategic planning decisions often or constantly.
  • Despite the C-level's awareness of the risk environment, most companies surveyed did not have a consistent way of assessing risk across the enterprise.
  • Less than a fifth of companies surveyed have developed a formal risk appetite statement.
  • The greatest risk perceived by C-level executives across all industries is the growing regulatory pressure and changes in the regulatory environment.
  • Many companies are increasing their investment in risk management and believe that technology can help, especially in breaking down the barriers between the risk and control oversight functions.
  • More than a quarter of respondents have no means of measuring the value of risk management investments.



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Managing risk and complexity

Managing risk and complexity
Managing risk and complexity is a challenge to most boards and business executives.

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