• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 24/07/2013

More than medicine: opportunities and strategies 

As global healthcare systems evolve to focus on delivering better patient outcomes at lower costs, More than medicine explores how the interests of the life sciences industry could converge with those of healthcare providers and payers to create new opportunities and market strategies.
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To drive superior returns for shareholders and deliver sustainable long-term value to payers and patients alike, the report urges life sciences companies to transform their approach from the traditional supplier role to one of a solution provider through multiple partnerships with key stakeholders.


Key insights

  • Healthcare transformation demands a new vision and approach from life sciences companies.
  • There is a considerable opportunity to improve margins for pharmaceutical companies that can capitalise on the changing healthcare landscape.
  • The ability of real world data to generate real world evidence of the effectiveness of healthcare interventions is increasing.
  • The development of a companion diagnostic together with a new medicine represents an opportunity to develop a partnership with a payer to reduce inappropriate prescribing and drive better value for the payer and patient.
  • More time needs to be invested to understand the competing priorities that healthcare systems face. Strong leadership will be needed to manage the impact of regional approaches on the whole business.

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