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  • Date: 7/06/2013

Infrastructure in Myanmar 

With the release of the new foreign investment law in Myanmar, the government has made strides to increase foreign direct investment into several sectors. They have laid out roadmaps to develop those sectors including infrastructure.
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This report from KPMG in Myanmar provides an overview of the opportunities available for the private sector in areas of physical and social infrastructure. It identifies relevant government ministries and agencies to aid investment and ongoing projects in those sectors.


Key Insights

  • Significant reform opportunities available in Myanmar as the government fast-tracks the country to reintegrate into the global business community. Major opportunities are in the areas of infrastructure — physical and social, including transport and telecommunications.
  • The government passed the Foreign Investment Law in late 2012. This is expected to encourage greater investment in Myanmar. This closely ties into the National Comprehensive Development Plan (2013–2030) to be issued in 2013.
  • ROI for overseas governments and investors will be dependent on how effectively laws and regulations are implemented. There is also a need to strengthen the legal framework.


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