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  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 8/06/2012

Governance, Risk and Compliance 

Audit committees play a crucial role in the success of an integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC). They can be a key sponsor and champion by promoting the benefits of the organisation’s GRC approach, and ensuring that it is aligned with the organisational strategy and mission.
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KPMG partnered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA) to develop a tailored guide for audit committees that are reviewing their risk frameworks.


Key insights

  • An effective GRC framework protects and enhances organisational value by fostering a risk-aware culture, supporting decision-making and addressing multiple layers of compliance and assurance.
  • GRC enhances operational efficiency by rationalising risk management, controls and assurance.
  • A robust GRC framework provides leaders with the information they need to understand and respond to the risks facing the business, as well as anticipating and meeting changing stakeholder and regulatory demands.

Risk Consulting

KPMG works with organisations to help them better understand their risk exposures and develop robust control systems and measures.

Audit Committee Institute

Audit Committee Institute
KPMG established the Audit Committee Institute to help committee members keep up with relevant business issues and enhance practices and processes.