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  • Date: 19/06/2013

Global Aerospace & Defence Outlook 2013 

These have not been easy times for the aerospace and defence (A&D) sector. On the commercial aerospace side, backlogs have hit record levels and projections show that growth is not likely to let off anytime soon. For the defence sector, the picture is somewhat more challenging as governments slash defence budgets to balance the public books.
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KPMG’s 2013 Global Aerospace and Defence Outlook report explores the challenges and opportunities present in today’s A&D market and offers some practical and forward-looking insight for players around the world.


Key findings

  • Continued emphasis on managing costs
    A&D executives around the world are heavily focused on reducing their cost base, with almost 80 percent of large OEM respondents saying that growth over the next 2 years will likely top out at two percent, it seems clear that any additional bottom line growth will need to be realised off the back of further cost reductions.
  • Renewed focus on the supply chain
    The A&D sector will need to place a much higher focus on improving supply chain integration. Delivery delays in the aerospace sector, demand volatility in the defence sector and increasing incidences of supply chain disruptions across the board have shown that greater visibility and cooperation will be needed.
  • Achieving growth in new market
    While cost cutting may be front and centre for the A&D sector, growth also remains a key priority. Of those A&D respondents who are experiencing a resurgence in innovation, most are expecting to do this by enhancing existing product.

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