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Migration Newsflash: Suspending new SIV applications after 23 April 2015

The significant Investor Visa application process under the current complying investment framework will be effectively suspended after 23 April 2015.
Modified date: 15/04/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash: Subclass 457 Visa Integrity Review – government response

A summary of the government's response to the Independent Review of the Integrity of the 457 program which supported most review recommendations.
Modified date: 8/04/2015
Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash: Enhanced investor visa program

The Investor Visa framework proposes very different complying investments for Significant Investor Visas.
Modified date: 24/02/2015
Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash: Transitional arrangements – Subclass 457 visa applications

KPMG summarises transitional arrangements for subclass 457 visa applications lodged before 1 July 2013.
Modified date: 11/02/2015
Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash

Keep up-to-date with developments in the immigration environment.
Modified date: 2/02/2015
Publication series

Migration Newsflash: Significant Investor Visa – New residency requirements

Clarification of the changes to the residency requirements for the Significant Investor Visa stream in January 2015.
Modified date: 20/01/2015
Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

We summarise how, under the agreement, the two countries will reduce labour mobility barriers and improve temporary entry access.
Modified date: 19/11/2014
Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash: Government’s plan for the 457 visa programme released

Outlines recently announced government changes to the 457 visa programme, following the release of the 457 Integrity Review recommendations.
Modified date: 19/11/2014
Regulatory update

Migration Newsflash: Subclass 400 visas extended to 6 months

Outlines recently announced government changes to the Subclass 400 visa which make these visas much more flexible for businesses.
Modified date: 5/11/2014
Regulatory update

Immigration policy changes putting pressure on business efficiency and cost

Michael Wall explores the recent changes to the rules governing employment of non-citizens.
Modified date: 22/10/2014
Regulatory update
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