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    Family Business Survey 2013: full report

    The survey looks at Australian family businesses and how they're proving to be more resilient, adaptable and sustainable than their non-family peers.
    Modified date: 23/05/2014
    Survey report

    Family businesses well equipped to weather economic uncertainty

    Australian family business owners see themselves as more adaptable and resilient to market according to the 2013 Family Business Survey.
    Modified date: 8/11/2013
    Press release

    Family Business Survey 2011

    The 2011 survey has found that maintaining control of the family business is the highest priority for more than 60 percent of respondents.
    Modified date: 23/09/2013
    Survey report

    Family business survey key findings infographic

    This infographic provides a clear overview of the key findings found in the Family Business Survey 2013.
    Modified date: 17/09/2013
    Survey report

    Family Business Survey

    This biennial survey offers valuable insights into some of the main issues facing the family business sector.
    Modified date: 17/09/2013
    Publication series

    Family business case study: Scenic World

    Scenic World Blue Mountains spoke to KPMG about their business and what keeps it on track.
    Modified date: 17/09/2013
    Case study; Survey report

    Family business case study: Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

    Bundaberg Brewed Drinks shared with KPMG how being family run has helped them grow locally and globally.
    Modified date: 17/09/2013
    Case study; Survey report

    Family business case study: Brown Brothers

    As part of the Family Business Survey 2013, Brown Brothers took the time to speak with KPMG about how being family run continues to yield success.
    Modified date: 17/09/2013
    Case study; Survey report

    Video: Family business survey key findings

    This animated infographic provides a fascinating snapshot of the Family Business Survey 2013's key findings.
    Modified date: 17/09/2013
    Survey report; Video

    Succession planning: Securing the future for your business

    KPMG’s Private Enterprise practice helps family-owned businesses develop sound and practical business succession plans.
    Modified date: 11/04/2013
    Business and industry issue

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