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Australia Report 2011: Risks & Opportunities

The Australia Report 2011 looks at some of the key risks for Australia including environmental issues, a fiscal crisis and demographics changes.
Modified date: 18/07/2014
Survey report

Ingredients for strong Governance, Risk and Compliance function in Asia-Pacific

A survey report of 60 executives from 10 markets across the ASPAC region which discusses GRC within their business.
Modified date: 14/07/2014
Survey report

Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Survey 2012: Australia and New Zealand

KPMG's 2012 survey found that $373 million was stolen over the past 2 years and the average value of fraud loss is now more than $3 million.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Survey report

Fraud Survey

Since 1993 the biennial KPMG Fraud Survey has become the most credible and widely quoted survey of fraud in Australian business. In 2002 we permanently expanded the survey to become the only in-depth survey dealing with fraud in New Zealand.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Publication series

Cyber threat intelligence and lessons from law enforcement

Identifies 3 principles that will help organisations manage cyber threats proactively and minimise the risk to customers, shareholders and employees.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Business and industry issue

Fraud Survey 2008

KPMG's 2008 Fraud Survey found that the total fraud reported was $301.1 million, with each organisation experiencing an average loss of $1.5 million.
Modified date: 30/05/2014
Survey report

Fraud and Misconduct Survey 2010

KPMG's Fraud and Misconduct Survey 2010, reveals the reported amount lost to fraud has increased from $301.1 million to $345.4 million.
Modified date: 30/05/2014
Survey report

Fraud risk management: Developing a strategy for prevention, detection, response

An overview of fraud and misconduct risk management fundamentals and a road map that organisations can use to move beyond a check-the-box approach.
Modified date: 22/05/2014
White paper

Heartbleed – Indentifying and managing the risk

This factsheet discusses Heartbleed, a vulnerability within OpenSSL (software used by websites and network devices to provide secure connections).
Modified date: 19/05/2014
Business and industry issue

Anti-money laundering update: Don't get taken to the cleaners

When it comes to meeting anti-money laundering (AML) obligations, boards and senior management can no longer aim for minimum compliance.
Modified date: 31/03/2014
Business and industry issue
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