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    Thought leadership and analysis across a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by companies both in Australia and around the world.
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    War for talent – time to change direction

    A survey of HR professionals across KPMG’s global network to understand trends and changes in talent management strategies and methodologies.
    Modified date: 5/06/2014
    Survey report

    Tune in to Talent: Is your talent strategy on track?

    We outline the biggest talent challenges facing executives and a step-by-step approach to build a talent management strategy and implementation plan.
    Modified date: 12/07/2013
    Case study; Survey report

    Video: Bernard Salt discusses The Baby Bust

    We will start to see more Baby Boomers exiting the workforce than Gen Ys entering. The result is a Baby Bust, as Bernard Salt discusses in this video.
    Modified date: 14/06/2013
    Business and industry issue; Video

    People are the real numbers: HR analytics comes of age

    People are the Real Numbers introduces the KPMG Strategic Workforce Framework and provides a roadmap for turning HR's aspiration into reality.
    Modified date: 1/03/2013
    White paper

    Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World

    This study looks at forces influencing Human Resources (HR), how technology is shaping HR’s response and what HR might look like a decade from now.
    Modified date: 27/11/2012
    Survey report

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