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Food security and Asia-Australia relations

An executive summary of a white paper commissioned by the Australian government on Australia in the Asian Century. It focuses on agribusiness.
Modified date: 29/01/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Modelling the Economic Impact of Cloud Computing

KPMG has found that the benefits of cloud on operating and capital expenditure could generate IT savings of 25 and 50 percent respectively.
Modified date: 22/08/2013
Benchmarking study

Carbon scheme: Implications for business

11 July 2011 - KPMG analysis reveals businesses need to understand how to mitigate new risks and maximise opportunities from the carbon scheme.
Modified date: 15/07/2013
Press release

Video: Bernard Salt discusses The Baby Bust

We will start to see more Baby Boomers exiting the workforce than Gen Ys entering. The result is a Baby Bust, as Bernard Salt discusses in this video.
Modified date: 14/06/2013
Business and industry issue; Video

The Edge – Economics Newsletter: April 2013

Our first edition examines the fundamentals of the Australian dollar, the current mining sector transition and key financial and market indicators.
Modified date: 31/05/2013
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

The Edge – Economics Newsletter

Our quarterly economics newsletter includes in-depth focus articles on current economic and demographic issues as well as an economy update.
Modified date: 1/05/2013
Publication series

Should Greece return to the Drachma?

In light of continuing turmoil, KPMG's Nicki Hutley discusses the possibility of Greece's return to the Drachma.
Modified date: 6/03/2013
Business and industry issue

Teleworking can expand Australia's workforce and lift productivity, says KPMG

Teleworking can and should play an important role in lifting Australia's economic prospects, according to KPMG in Australia.
Modified date: 14/11/2012
Press release

GFC 2.0? Australia is more Goldilocks than doomsday

20 October 2011 - Reports about the demise of the Australian economy are greatly exaggerated.
Modified date: 13/08/2012
Press release

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