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To block or not to block – super investor's dilemma

Matt Birrell outlines the dilemma for investors arising from the delayed MIT and Division 6C revisions.
Modified date: 14/02/2014
Regulatory update

Superannuation – new apportionment draft ruling

Ross Stephens examines the implications of the draft taxation ruling TR 2013/D7 for super funds.
Modified date: 3/01/2014
Regulatory update

Infrastructure – some tax deterrents for superannuation entities

Sheena Kay identifies taxation rules that could deter superannuation funds from investing in infrastructure.
Modified date: 31/10/2013
Regulatory update

Transparency of investments and ATO risk reviews

Bernard Finnegan examines the disclosure requirements for superannuation funds investing in unit trusts or other pooled vehicles.
Modified date: 17/09/2013
Regulatory update

Superannuation's Pandora's Box – Tax in Unit Pricing

Dana Fleming shows super funds how to ask the crucial questions that will help them manage tax risk.
Modified date: 4/09/2013
Regulatory update

Superannuation — cash flow management is critical

Ross Stephens explains some cash flow management implications of the new requirement for monthly PAYG instalments for superannuation funds.
Modified date: 5/07/2013
Regulatory update

Federal Budget 2012 and the financial services industry

This brief provides a review of the major implications arising from the Federal Budget 2012-2013 in the financial services industry.
Modified date: 17/06/2013
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