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Evolving Financial Services Regulation

This series discusses the regulatory challenges facing the financial services industry and provides insight into implications and issues to consider.
Modified date: 22/07/2015
Publication series

Video: Conduct risk and risk culture in the Banking sector

In this update KPMG partners Ian Pollari and Tim Howarth define conduct risk and provide examples from the UK marketplace and discuss risk culture.
Modified date: 26/06/2015
Business and industry issue; Video

Mutuals: Towards Basel 4 – revisions to the standardised approach

In this update, we provide an overview of the key aspects of the proposals, how they compare to the existing rules, and the implications for Mutuals.
Modified date: 11/03/2015
Regulatory update

Australian Mutuals

This series of KPMG publications cover proposed or new prudential reporting changes affecting the Australian Mutuals sector.
Modified date: 11/03/2015
Publication series

Video: Mutuals – Recovery planning, crisis testing and stress testing

We look at the inter-related nature and effectiveness of stress and crisis testing tools for Mutuals or financial institutions of any size or nature.
Modified date: 5/02/2015
Business and industry issue; Video

Mutuals: Stress testing, recovery planning and financial crisis testing

Insights on stress testing, recovery planning and financial crisis testing to assist mutual ADIs develop their initiatives in these areas.
Modified date: 28/01/2015
Business and industry issue

FSI Final Report: tax solutions will have to wait

Julian Humphrey shows how the Financial Systems Inquiry Final Report frames the debate on tax reform, but leaves the tax community wanting more.
Modified date: 22/12/2014
Regulatory update

Financial System Inquiry tax response

KPMG response to tax aspects of the Financial System Inquiry.
Modified date: 18/12/2014
Press release

FATCA update – release of final regulations

This summary provides a snapshot of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) position for non-bank financial sectors.
Modified date: 12/10/2014
Regulatory update

Managing the data challenge in banking

This publication looks at the Basel 239 Principles and the underlying challenges of risk data aggregation.
Modified date: 9/09/2014
Regulatory update
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