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Thought leadership and analysis across a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by companies both in Australia and around the world.
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Future of Procurement in Asia Pacific

This report aims to convey to ENR stakeholders how the procurement function can help organisations enhance their competitive-advantage.
Modified date: 20/02/2015
Business and industry issue

Global Energy Survey

The KPMG Global Energy Institute energy survey provides quantitative findings on executives' outlook on the issues and challenges the industry faces.
Modified date: 5/02/2015
Publication series

Australia's resources boom: the infrastructure ripple effect

This paper examines the need for investment in remote areas of Australia where the resource sector is thriving yet infrastructure is not sufficient.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
White paper

The Community Investment Dividend

Methodologies, challenges and considerations for resources companies and government when valuing community investments.
Modified date: 18/02/2014
White paper

The Growing Tide: China outbound direct investment in Australia

This report charts the significance of China’s growing outbound direct investment and examines opportunities for Australia.
Modified date: 18/02/2014
Business and industry issue

China’s largest global wind energy operator builds NSW wind farm

Case study interview with John Titchen and Ning Chen of Goldwind Australia Pty Ltd about Australia's wind energy sector.
Modified date: 29/01/2014
Case study