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Cyber threat intelligence and lessons from law enforcement

Three principles that will help organisations manage cyber threats proactively and minimise the risk to customers, shareholders and employees.
Modified date: 21/01/2015
Business and industry issue

Global profiles of the fraudster

This KPMG report contains analysis of 596 fraudsters who were involved in acts committed in 78 countries.
Modified date: 5/11/2014
Survey report

Ingredients for strong Governance, Risk and Compliance function in Asia-Pacific

A survey report of 60 executives from 10 markets across the ASPAC region which discusses GRC within their business.
Modified date: 14/07/2014
Survey report

Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Survey 2012: Australia and New Zealand

KPMG's 2012 survey found that $373 million was stolen over the past 2 years and the average value of fraud loss is now more than $3 million.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Survey report

Avoiding the cost and embarrassment of bribery and corruption entanglements

This article, prepared by KPMG Forensic, outlines the impact of local and foreign anti-bribery and corruption laws.
Modified date: 15/07/2013
Business and industry issue

Video: Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Survey 2012

Gary Gill, Partner in Charge, Forensic provides an overview into the findings of KPMG's Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Survey 2012.
Modified date: 8/03/2013
Survey report; Video

Who is the typical fraudster?

This paper provides an insight into the typical fraudster based on scrutiny of actual instances of fraud from around the world, including Australia.
Modified date: 5/03/2013
Survey report

Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Survey 2011

As organisations expand globally, they must comply with international anti-bribery & corruption laws. Our survey describes how business is responding.
Modified date: 16/11/2012
Survey report

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