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Superannuation – the importance of tax concessions

Damian Ryan considers the cost of tax concessions in superannuation policy.
Modified date: 6/08/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Australia's Energy Financing Challenge

This report provides a wide-ranging perspective of the key immediate, medium and long-term challenges facing the Australian energy sector.
Modified date: 13/07/2014
Business and industry issue

FATCA Update – Australian superannuation industry

We summarise the impact of FATCA developments as they affect superannuation funds and certain related entities.
Modified date: 7/05/2014
Regulatory update

2013 Federal Budget and the superannuation industry

An analysis of the 2013 Federal Budget and implications for the superannuation industry.
Modified date: 5/05/2014
Business and industry issue

Superannuation - when tax in unit pricing may go wrong

Ross Stephens counsels superannuation funds to take care in applying unit pricing procedures.
Modified date: 28/01/2014
Regulatory update

Future Focus: Tax and Transformation in Asia-Pacific's New Business Reality

Highlights some of the most dynamic tax and business issues facing tax directors located or have investments in the Asia Pacific region.
Modified date: 28/01/2014
Business and industry issue

Superannuation – new apportionment draft ruling

Ross Stephens examines the implications of the draft taxation ruling TR 2013/D7 for super funds.
Modified date: 2/01/2014
Regulatory update

Infrastructure – some tax deterrents for superannuation entities

Sheena Kay identifies taxation rules that could deter superannuation funds from investing in infrastructure.
Modified date: 31/10/2013
Regulatory update

After-tax investment returns: challenges for superannuation funds

Bernard Finnegan raises some important considerations regarding after-tax investment returns for superannuation funds.
Modified date: 3/10/2013
Business and industry issue

Increased ATO scrutiny of Superannuation Funds

Dana Fleming examines how superannuation funds can prepare for the ATO's new focus on the superannuation sector.
Modified date: 9/09/2013
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update
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