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Thought leadership and analysis across a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by companies both in Australia and around the world.
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Corporate & Indirect Tax Rate Survey 2014

The annual KPMG International Corporate and Indirect Tax rate survey compares corporate and indirect tax rates from 135 countries.
Modified date: 28/04/2014
Survey report

Future Focus: Tax and Transformation in Asia-Pacific's New Business Reality

Highlights some of the most dynamic tax and business issues facing tax directors located or have investments in the Asia Pacific region.
Modified date: 29/01/2014
Business and industry issue

2012 Federal Budget Brief

KPMG has prepared a brief offering our key insights and analysis on the Budget's major implications for Australian business.
Modified date: 17/06/2013
Business and industry issue

2011 Federal Budget Brief

KPMG's 2011 Federal Budget Brief provides a review of the Budget's major tax implications.
Modified date: 6/03/2013
Business and industry issue

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