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Buying assets: who needs tax due diligence?

Michelle Bennett shows how buyers can minimise risks and reap the profits they are hoping for by properly conducting their due diligence.
Modified date: 30/09/2015
Regulatory update

Bridging the Gap – Applying GST to Low Value Imports

Michael McAuliffe and Megan Croaker discuss plans to align GST treatment of low value imports with the proposed change to GST on digital supplies.
Modified date: 29/09/2015
Regulatory update

Re:think or reset the GST

Nick Kallinikios discusses new tax proposals in SA alongside GST tax reform.
Modified date: 25/09/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Video: Indirect tax and big data

Dermot Gaffney, Indirect Tax, KPMG Australia and Tim Gillis, KPMG's Global Head of Indirect Tax, talk indirect tax and big data.
Modified date: 16/09/2015

NT Budget Stamp Duty measures

Jane Crisp highlights a number of notable stamp duty measures contained in the Northern Territory Budget for 2015-16.
Modified date: 14/09/2015
Regulatory update

KPMG response to state and federal treasurers’ announcement on GST

Deborah Jenkins, KPMG Tax Partner responds to state and federal treasurers’ announcement on GST
Modified date: 14/09/2015
Press release

Red, white or a rort?

Lisa Smith welcomes the recent discussion paper on the Wine Equalisation Tax rebate.
Modified date: 26/08/2015
Regulatory update

Federal Court puts GST ‘purpose test’ to bed

Kate Law highlights the dismissal of Rio Tinto Services Ltd appeal on claiming goods and services tax (GST).
Modified date: 26/08/2015
Regulatory update

What do you mean my company is a landholder?

Cullen Smythe looks at the revenue authorities' focus on land-related transactions and increased scrutiny of dealings in property holding entities.
Modified date: 14/08/2015
Regulatory update

GST Ruling 2015/2: GST tail wagging the income tax dog?

Matt Birrell discusses in detail how the goods and services tax (GST) ruling impacts development lease arrangements.
Modified date: 13/08/2015
Regulatory update
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