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The identity crisis of Bitcoins: money or something else?

Keith Polkinghorne discusses the still unsettled GST treatment of Bitcoin transactions in Australia, and the potential tax risks.
Modified date: 18/08/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Majority of countries not treating GST refunds efficiently: KPMG survey

A global KPMG survey has shown that the majority of countries are not processing GST refunds efficiently.
Modified date: 14/08/2014
Press release

Carbon tax repeal & fuel excise indexation: getting it right

Michael McAuliffe tallies up the effects of the carbon price repeal on fuel tax credits.
Modified date: 30/07/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

A debt transfer isn’t liable to stamp duty, is it?

Cullen Smythe debunks the myth that stamp duty is not owed on transferral of a debt.
Modified date: 16/07/2014
Regulatory update

Dispute settlement: Is there a GST sting in the tail?

Kate Law reminds taxpayers involved in disputes to consider whether GST is payable on the settlement sum.
Modified date: 15/07/2014
Regulatory update

To err is human... – recovering from GST errors

Deborah Jenkins counsels GST taxpayers to prepare for errors, and be ready to effectively recover from them.
Modified date: 8/07/2014
Regulatory update

Deferred GST on imports at risk – don’t be late!

Alison Marshall warns taxpayers eligible for the deferred GST scheme to stay up-to-date on their tax obligations, or risk losing out.
Modified date: 4/07/2014
Regulatory update

NSW Budget 2014-15 - So exciting it's dull

Matthew Stutsel contemplates the abolition of the marketable securities, mortgage, and business assets duties promised in the NSW Budget.
Modified date: 18/06/2014
Regulatory update

Indexation of Fuel Excise: what will it really cost businesses?

Lisa Smith looks into the likely effects for business of the Government’s proposed indexation of fuel excise.
Modified date: 30/05/2014
Regulatory update

A tax by any other name

Nick Kallinikios suggests, in light of the recent Budget, that the Government consider an increase to the rate and scope of the GST.
Modified date: 22/05/2014
Regulatory update
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