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BEPS and Indirect Tax – snake in the grass?

Dermot Gaffney reveals some disturbing possibilities of the BEPS debate for cross-border indirect tax compliance.
Modified date: 13/08/2015
Regulatory update

OECD Country by Country reporting update – August 2015

An update on the Government's proposed Country by Country reporting measures and the increased compliance obligations for multinationals.
Modified date: 12/08/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Transfer pricing – a renewed focus on arm's length behaviours?

Jeremy Capes highlights on the concern which ATO expressed in respect of Australian members of multinational groups.
Modified date: 10/08/2015
Regulatory update

Proposed CbC reporting rules create mandatory documentation filing requirements

Michael Smith and Jane Rolfe examines the proposed new Country by Country reporting rules, and what they could mean for taxpayers.
Modified date: 7/08/2015
Regulatory update

Frontiers in tax – September 2014

In this edition we look at the progress of the automatic exchange of information and how financial service firms are going to have to respond to BEPS.
Modified date: 6/08/2015
Business and industry issue

Have you declared your transfer pricing adjustments to Australian Customs?

Leonie Ferretter elucidates the interaction between customs valuation and transfer pricing, and risks and opportunities that can arise for taxpayers.
Modified date: 3/08/2015
Regulatory update

If not, why not for tax?

Stephen Callahan and James Gordon examine the ATO's new guidance on tax risk management and governance.
Modified date: 3/08/2015
Regulatory update

Welcome to a new financial year

David Linke introduces himself as KPMG’s new National Managing Partner of Tax and Legal services.
Modified date: 1/07/2015
Regulatory update

Through the looking glass...

Justin Davis explores the ways to reform/action Australian tax system and Australian tax treaty network.
Modified date: 29/06/2015
Regulatory update

BEPS: transparency and substance the defence against harmful practices

Tony Mulveney looks at the OECD's focus on substantial activity and transparency to counter harmful tax practices.
Modified date: 28/06/2015
Regulatory update
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