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Transfer Pricing: ATO’s views on record keeping

KPMG's Transfer Pricing Update provides you with a summary of the ATO's view on the application of transfer pricing record keeping provisions.
Modified date: 17/02/2015
Regulatory update

Transfer Pricing: ATO's views on reconstruction provisions

KPMG's transfer pricing update provides you with a recap of the law, the ATO’s ruling, key observations and what action you should take.
Modified date: 13/11/2014
Regulatory update

Tax treaties in Asia Pacific

Steven Economides examines tax treaties in ASPAC.
Modified date: 14/07/2014
Regulatory update

Videos: Understanding the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) debate

David Linke, KPMG's National Corporate Tax Leader and Grand Wardell-Johnson, Leader, Australian Tax Centre talk about the BEPS debate.
Modified date: 19/02/2014
Business and industry issue; Video